Jade Danielle (jadedanielle) wrote in talk_degrassi,
Jade Danielle

Marco's journal...SPOILERS.

This just makes me want to cry more. Marco's journal from d.tv =(

change in plans


I'm sitting in the passenger seat of Dylan's convertible. Not a bee in sight. My hair blows in the breeze as we speed towards the apartment we share, on our way home from our first day at university -- my freshman year, Dylan's senior -- ready to start a new chapter in our lives, together...

but just like that, the image fades. there's no convertible, no wind in my hair, no shared apartment...no Dylan. University? Sure. But where? with who? It's all changed. Dylan told me he loves me, but he also wants freedom -- freedom to see other people. if you ask me that's exactly what being in love with someone means -- that you don't want to be with anyone else. so, things change. maybe for the better. no sooner had this door closed, this chapter in my life ended, than another door opened. Instead of sitting in the passenger seat of Dylan's convertible, going nowhere in particular, helping nobody, just thinking of myself...NOW I have the chance to volunteer this summer in a place where I can really help other people. all because of a ridiculous policy that the blood donor people have about gay males -- turns out they won't take your blood because they think there's a higher risk of HIV infection. And THAT'S not discrimination?!?! I mean, come on!

Well, Caitlin Ryan thought her TV show should have spent more time focussing on that issue when they came to do a piece on how Degrassi has weathered the gun violence storm, so she told me you can go to Africa or the caribbean to help people with HIV/AIDS on your summer holiday...so I'm thinking about it...I need to find out more, but maybe it's better to think about what I can do for the good of the world instead of living in some sort of ideal fantasy world with Dylan. But still...It's hard to stop being in love with him just like that. another reason to go away maybe...


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